Pangea Group and Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer you the only end-to-end solution for your aquaculture needs.

Aquaculture needs are complex and diverse. Utilizing our aquaculture expertise and Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can track all your production, from eggs to harvest in one fully integrated solution.

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Fish Operations have historically used multiple systems to manage production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 minimizes the number of software your company needs allowing you to focus on the fish, not on the integrations, or lack thereof, between your critical applications.

Providing an end to end solution from the day you purchase your eggs to harvest. Microsoft Dynamics 365 tracks your fish, provides accurate costing, at every step of the way while ensuring you have visibility of your whole operations.

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Less Software, Better Efficiency

Aquaculture Aquaculture

Key Benefits

Integrated not segregated

Master Planning

Organize and plan your day, month, or year to ensure you have sufficient materials on hand for a successful harvest.

Integrated not segregated

Deep Data Visualization and Reporting

Utilizing the strength of Microsoft Dynamics Power BI, you can visualize and perform data exploration across your companies to identify costs and opportunities

Integrated not segregated

Integrated Not Segregated

From entering a purchase order to issuing a sales order, track your accounting, financials, asset management, inventory, and production throughout the lifecycle of your fish.

Integrated not segregated

Fully Globalized

Localized to work in over 150 countries and languages, it allows you and your teams to work in one environment easily. Full multi-currency integration, buy and sell in your clients or vendors currencies.

Integrated not segregated

Full Integrations & Extensibility

If you currently have existing 3rd party solutions with the necessary flexibility to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can integrate them into your system.

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