Pangea Group and Microsoft Dynamics 365 bring future-proof manufacturing operations to overcome your challenges

We understand that the manufacturing industry is changing and sometimes struggling to adapt to the latest technologies. Dynamics 365 brings improvement to discrete, process, and lean manufacturing operations across your organization.

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Manufacturing companies need to schedule and track the production life cycle from start to finish in the most efficient, cost-effective way

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a user-friendly solution that can help you empower employees, strengthen partnerships with suppliers and customers, improve production quality and efficiency, and bring data-based insights to reduce waste and ensure compliance by utilizing business intelligence, machine learning, and out-of-the-box supply chain capabilities.

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Less Software, Better Efficiency

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Key Benefits

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Master Planning

Calculate production based on global demand, delivery dates, sales orders, safety stock, production orders, and net requirements while providing planners with an updated depiction of what is needed to meet manufacturing requirements.

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Deep Data Visualization and Reporting

Utilizing the strength of Microsoft Dynamics Power BI, you can visualize and perform data exploration across your companies to identify costs and opportunities

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Centralize Operations

Create shared services departments that quickly and easily manage all your entities, locations, and facilities reducing overhead and minimizing errors.

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Multinational, Multi-entity Operations

Designed to work in over 180 countries and languages, it allows you and to effortlessly work in one environment and in the currency you and your vendors use.

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Transform Your Workforce

Empower your manufacturing team with a configurable and automatized bill of materials (BOM), enable them to create, estimate and schedule production from start to finish while tracking and controlling resources, routes, stock levels, and product quality.

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Create A More Effective Supply Chain

Gain real-time visibility into the entire operation from the shop floor to the top floor, up and down the supply chain, and throughout the business ecosystem.

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Manufacturing Accelerator

Create a seamless role-based supplier qualification, API onboarding, and more to digitize within hours using low-code, no-code platform capabilities with Microsoft Power Apps to optimize supplier and manage supplier relationships more effectively.

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