How We Work

Our approach is that a successful project is a properly managed and documented project.

Our services



We provide guidance based on our expertise about ERPs. We work to understand your needs and offer an innovative way to overcome challenges and create a more efficient way of work. We aim to bring value to your process through fresh perspectives and groundbreaking ideas that can take you closer to your business goals.

Full Implementation

Full Implementation

From the moment you get your license, we relentlessly work to configure and optimize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to improve and facilitate work within your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales


We know that many industries use different kinds of software that help them in their daily operations. We seamlessly integrate those software (if they are flexible enough) into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gather every operation into a single, easy-to-analyze technological environment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Ongoing Support

We bring ongoing technical and functional support to help you with the management of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment until you can use the solution’s full potential

Our method

Our methodology consists of understanding, listening, and bringing all the necessary tools to meet and overcome our client’s expectations.

Kick-off Meeting

The first thing we need to do is create a work environment where we can trust each other’s teams and understand the objectives of the project firsthand.


Working with your team, we analyze in detail your company’s operations, tools, and software you use as well as your current state processes. Upon completion of the analysis, we deliver an analysis document stating the current operational state of the organization, which will lay the optimization foundation for the project.


The design phase is where we structure your future state utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365. This includes designing future workflows, integrations with 3rd party applications if necessary, as well as the implementation of new features currently not in use within your business. At the end of the design phase, all parties agree upon the systems that should work within your organization and what your future state will look like.


During development, our team works on implementing the agreed-upon Design. This includes document formats, extensions that add needed functionality as well as integrations with eCommerce, state tax authorities, banks, etc. At the end of the Development phase, we are now ready to really take advantage of the system


Our team works hand in hand with your stakeholders to prepare your implementation for deployment/go-live. Here we perform our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure that Pangea is delivering a best in class solution that is primed to help you meet your business goals.


During Operations, we have gone live with the project!

Support and Additional Functionality

We understand that going live does not mean you will not need assistance down the road. We offer ongoing technical and functional support to help answer any questions you may have. Additionally, we work with key stakeholders to further enhance the functionality of Dynamics 365 so that you may consistently take advantage of all the new features Microsoft publishes along with improving day to day operations.

“We help organizations to focus on obtaining real results by facilitating and integrating business processes through a customized and seamless consulting and support service”
Johny Aguilar – Client Support Manager

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