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Pangea Group Inc’ web page delivers information about their initiatives and services that ensure the continuous operation, connectivity, transactions, and processing of the technological platforms that assist the operative processes of their clients.

1.    Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

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2.    Copyright

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Regarding Pangea Group Inc’s web page content, the user must:

  • Use the content in a diligent, legal, and correct way.
  • Do not diminish, avoid or manipulate the copyright and other data that identify as Pangea Group Inc’s rights.
  • Do not use the content, particularly, the information obtained through Pangea Group Inc’s services to create and profit from advertisements or any other kind of publicity.
  • Pangea Group Inc won’t be held responsible for the misuse of the web page’s content and information.
  • The person who visits the web page will be responsible for the misuse, illicit or abnormal, of the web page’s content and information. The visitor or user, direct or with assistance of others, will not attempt against Pangea Group Inc’s web page, its platform, information system, nor interfere in its normal function.
  • The visitor won’t alter, block, or do any act impeding access to any content, information or service of the web page or linked to it.
  • The visitor of Pangea Group Inc’s Web page won’t send or transmit from or to this web page, or any other visitor or person, any kind of obscene, defamatory, libelous, calumnious, or discriminatory against Pangea Group Inc, its functions or its administrators.
  • The visitor won’t behave in illicit ways such as: damaging the web page, informatic attacks, interceptions of communication, copywrite infractions, nonauthorized use of terminals, identity theft, the revelation of secrets, of false documents.

3.    Trademarks of Other Companies

Company names and product names may be the trade names, trademarks, and registered trademarks of the respective companies. “TM” or “R” marks aren’t always mentioned in content.

4.    Privacy

Pangea Group Inc commits to ensuring the privacy of the visitor’s personal information obtained through the company’s web page, accordingly to the Privacy Policy.

We understand personal information as every data given by the visitor for registration, which includes: Name, identification, age, gender, address, email, and telephone number.

Pangea Group Inc commits not to give, sell or share the receive data with third parties without the visitor’s approval. Attached entities are not considered a third party.

Pangea Group Inc Will cancel or rectify the data when they are inexact, incomplete, or unnecessary for their final use.

5.    Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The visitor cannot manifest to Pangea Group Inc, or to a legal or administrative authority the application of other conditions, norms or agreements that are not explicitly written in the present Terms and Conditions.

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